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By: Thomas Board, Pipeline

Companies are striving hard to innovate at a scale never seen before, with AI especially making its mark in the IoT space. We're covering all the stories that matter most in this IoT and the Device Revolution issue of Pipeline.

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IoT and Innovation News

In IoT and Innovation news, IBM and Pasqal announced their intent to partner to develop a common approach to quantum-centric supercomputing and promoting application research in chemistry and materials science. Spirent Communications has successfully implemented Xona Space Systems’ PULSAR production signals for seamless integration into the existing SimXona product line. Netcracker Technology launched its Digital Satellite Solution, a blueprint for multi-orbit IT that radically transforms how satellite operators manage, optimize and monetize their business. With the new solution, operators can guarantee the best service quality at any time, deliver a premium digital engagement to their customers and expand their business with any offer to any customer worldwide.

Sateliot will launch four satellites from its 5G-IoT constellation on SpaceX's Transporter-11 mission. The launch is scheduled for July, and the satellites will fly aboard a Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Haier Europe has chosen Orange Business connectivity and IoT services to help innovate its sustainable solutions while optimizing resource consumption and extending the life of products. T-Systems and Aurora Lab will offer Aurora Labs' differential software update capabilities alongside T-Systems' end-to-end Over-the-Air platform to the automotive industry. This solution will support car manufacturers in optimizing time-to-market and the total cost of ownership for Software Defined Vehicles, and will also enhance the overall driving experience for customers through continuous software updates and improvement.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will increase its existing investment in Massachusetts-based Realtime Robotics, Inc., an American startup company that is pioneering motion-planning technology for calculating trajectories to enable factory-automation equipment to avoid obstacles and generate optimized routes. Lantronix has published its case study on HY-LINE Group’s Smart Shelf, an easy-to-deploy digital retail shelf signage solution that delivers customer engagement and buying behavior analytics. Utilizing Lantronix’s E210 Series Router with IoT SIM Connectivity Services and Lantronix’s Percepxion Cloud IoT Edge Solutions platform, this solution is securely and centrally managed for global deployment.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Analytics News

In Artificial Intelligence & Analytics News, Audi will leverage generative AI from Cerence to expand the capabilities of its in-car assistant. With a dual focus on creating added value for cars already on the road as well as advancing its in-car assistant capabilities for the future, Audi will first deploy Cerence Chat Pro in Audi vehicles equipped with the MIB 3 infotainment platform, beginning with model year 2021 via back-end activation as well as upcoming models. NVIDIA released Nemotron-4 340B, a family of open models that developers can use to generate synthetic data for training large language models for commercial applications across healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail and every other industry.

Anthropic’s Claude 3 model is now available as one of the Large Language Models integrated to support Tabnine’s AI-enabled software development tools, using the API directly from Amazon Bedrock. Apple is integrating ChatGPT into experiences within iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, allowing users to access ChatGPT’s capabilities, including image and document understanding, without needing to jump between tools.

Superbio AI has entered into an initiative with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to make user-friendly biomedical AI available for providers, researchers, and drug developers working to advance the standard of care. On the subject of AI


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