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Telefonica and Sateliot are collaborating in the development of an innovative connectivity...
technology implementation to date. To improve awareness between bicyclists and motorists worldwide, T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom are working with Spoke, a mobility platform for safety, connectivity and rich rider experiences. Called T IoT, it is a comprehensive solution for global IoT connectivity, platform management and support and will deliver near real-time information to bicyclists and motorists on the road to help them reach their destination safely.

Ericsson has completed acquisition of Vonage, which provides Ericsson with building blocks to offer a full suite of communications solutions to grow its global mobile network and expand further into the enterprise sector. Ericsson had received clearance earlier from the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States to complete its acquisition of Vonage Holdings Corp.

Satellite news

IoT, 5G and satellite news were intertwined this month. Ericsson, French aerospace company Thales, and wireless technology innovator Qualcomm Technologies are planning to take 5G out of this world and across a network of Earth-orbiting satellites. After having each conducted research that included multiple studies and simulations, the parties plan to enter smartphone-use-case-focused testing and validation of 5G non-terrestrial networks.

In partnership with OneWeb under the ESA Sunrise Project and with support from the UK Space Agency, SatixFy announced its role in enabling the first demonstration of a high-speed, low-latency link with an LEO satellite constellation incorporating 5G. The project is focused on developing a compact electronically steered multi-beam array suitable for mobility services over both LEO and GEO satellites simultaneously.

Telefonica and Sateliot are collaborating in the development of an innovative connectivity service with dual 5G NB IoT technology in which Sateliot's new satellite network will be integrated with Telefonica Tech's current terrestrial NB-IoT networks to offer IoT connectivity wherever the customer needs it, including maritime coverage.

EchoStar Mobile has deployed its pan-European LoRa-enabled Internet of Things network for massive IoT capability across Europe. The network, operating in EchoStar Mobile's licensed S-band spectrum from the EchoStar XXI satellite, offers bi-directional, real-time LoRa-enabled connectivity across Europe using a single network.

In other satellite news, Gilat is working with a Tier-1 mobile network operator in Latin America to enable cellular backhaul. Gilat is providing 4G cellular backhaul network expansion for a Tier-1 MNO in the Asia Pacific region as well.

AI and analytics news

To advance the connected vehicle future, CerebrumX and Cerence announced a strategic collaboration to offer an AI-powered platform built on AWS that drives effective data and actionable insights from millions of connected vehicles in real-time.

In quantum computing news, three serial entrepreneurs and a leading professor from the Weizmann Institute of Science are joining forces to establish Quantum Source and actualize a breakthrough technology that will enable photonic quantum computers that are 50,000 times more efficient than state-of-the-art implementations.

NVIDIA announced a unified computing platform for speeding breakthroughs in quantum research and development across AI, HPC, health, finance and other disciplines. The NVIDIA Quantum Optimized Device Architecture aims to make quantum computing more accessible by creating a coherent hybrid quantum-classical programming model.


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