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Nokia and Infovista announced a global partnership to accelerate the rollout and acceptance of 5G network deployments.
technology to support Ethernet Access Direct services to customers throughout the UK to meet the bandwidth, timing and programmability needs of new business, 5G and enterprise services. Deutsche Telekom and Google Cloud announced a new expanded partnership focused on network transformation, to define a joint roadmap for the telecommunications industry by bringing the power of the cloud closer to mobile and connected devices at the edge of Deutsche Telekom's network.

5G news

Mobile operators are split on their 5G deployment strategies to manage subscriber data but agree on key factors such as total cost of ownership, data ownership and edge services. These are some of the key findings from a new Enea survey, conducted independently by the Technology Innovation Council, which interviewed mobile operators globally.

Nokia and Infovista announced a global partnership to accelerate the rollout and acceptance of 5G network deployments. The partnership will see Infovista deliver its cloud-based, automated testing solutions to support the verification, optimization and benchmarking of new 5G and legacy networks deployed and managed by Nokia. Infovista is also embarking on a strategic collaboration with PCTEL to co-develop joint 5G network testing use cases for mobile operators and industry regulators.

In other 5G news, Spirent Communications announced the introduction of Spirent Vantage, an innovative solution designed to simplify and automate 5G service assurance and give communication service provider operations teams of any size and skill the ability to understand their network and service performance. SOLiD debuted new 5G distributed antenna system in-building connectivity solutions to enable mobile network operators and third-party operators to maximize coverage and capacity to deliver a true 5G experience indoors from day one. To further 5G network slicing and enhance network security, reliability, and flexibility, 5G Americas announced the release of its latest white paper on commercializing network slicing.  

IoT news

According to research from Omdia, enterprises are turning to 5G for their IoT needs. Enterprises are not only increasing their IoT spending and their deployment of devices but are doing so because IoT projects are meeting or exceeding return on investment expectations. Digi International has unveiled the Digi XBee LR, a wireless communication module   for sensors and end-nodes enabling LoRaWAN connectivity for IoT deployments. It provides a complete IoT solution with automated provisioning and deployment to accelerate IoT deployment or expansion. Senet and Eclypses will work together to utilize MTE technology and provide security to data-in-transit for the IoT market. This meets the needs of highly scalable, low-power, widely dispersed IoT end points, delivering an added level of security for critical infrastructure and essential business applications that require it.

Innovation and leaderboard news

Nokia announced it will lead 6G-ANNA, a German national-funded 6G lighthouse project. Nokia will collaborate with the 29 partners in 6G-ANNA to lead and drive 6G research and standardization. The project’s stated objective is to provide essential technologies to unleash and augment human potential. Nokia and the Indian Institute of Science announced the opening of the Nokia Center of Excellence in Networked Robotics at the IISc Bengaluru. The CoE will promote inter-disciplinary research involving robotics and advanced communication technologies in 5G and artificial intelligence.

Total Network Services has announced that the US government is implementing the Electronic Medical Mobile Application to modernize the filing of workers' compensation, property, and tort claims during the 2030 US Census. EMMA, which was developed in collaboration with Forward Edge-AI and Rypplzz, utilizes TNS’ Universal Communication Identifier (UCID) in the largest government use case for blockchain


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